Microliner manages your conversations in Twitter in an outline.

It's amazing how a better tool can improve the experience, making it possible to follow and participate in a dozen threads at once.

Microliner is an app that runs in the OPML Editor outliner, on your desktop.

Screen shot

A picture named microlinersmallscreen.gif

Here's that same conversation viewed as an outline in the worldoutline.

How to install

1. Launch the OPML Editor if it isn't running.

2. Choose Tool Catalog from the Misc menu.

3. Click the Install link in the microliner row.

4. Click OK to the confirmation prompts.


Once you have it installed, you have to connect it to Twitter.

Choose Connect With Twitter from the Microliner sub-menu of the Tools menu.

You'll be taken to a page on the Twitter site where you can choose to authorize the Microliner app to post to and read from your Twitter account. It will only do so if you command it to.

Your first Microliner tweet

Choose Open workspace from the Microliner sub-menu of the Tools menu.

A window opens with several buttons.

Start off by typing the text of a tweet into the first line of the outline. When you're ready, click the Tweet button. If you check, you'll see that you just tweeted that text (assuming all goes as planned).

When someone replies to your tweet, click on the Replies button in the Microliner Workspace window. The replies show up underneath the tweet they are in reply to. If you want to reply, insert a subhead and type your reply. Press the Tweet button when you're ready to send it. Any replies to that tweet will appear underneath it. That's how the hierarchy builds.

When you reply

When you reply you don't have to put the person's Twitter handle at the beginning of the tweet. Microliner will do that automatically for you.

The Count button

If you want to know how many characters are in the current line, click the Count button.

The Yo Dave! button

Hey be social and send me a tweet if you're using the Microliner tool.

If I'm up and at the computer, I'll respond. So you'll have something to check this out with. Not promising a long conversation though. :-)

How does it work?

Hey all the source is in microliner.root.

How to find it? Look in the Window menu. :-)

Who am I?

I am Dave Winer.

Posted on Tuesday, October 09, 2012 at 3:08 PM by Dave Winer.